He was born at the turn of the new millennium. At age 10, he started running with his dad on the waterfront in Tyre. One of his dad’s friends saw him run and asked to sign him up for UNIFIL’s 10k race in Naqoura.

His mom recalls being worried about him running that long of a distance at age 11. To her surprise, Muntasser won first place for his age category. This marked the start of numerous participations in races and Lebanese championships. Muntasser won every single time. On November 9 2014, Muntasser took part in the BDL Beirut Marathon 5K race and ranked third in the overall classification.

His mom had named him Muntasser for a very special reason. In Arabic, the name means ‘Victorious’. She wanted her son to feel like a winner when faced with Life’s adversities. “No matter what, a winner’s attitude will get you there” she says.

Muntasser doesn’t have the ideal regimen for training, and yet he wins. One can only Imagine what he could achieve if he had real sponsors to support his love for the sport of running and turn it to one solid career. The kid’s dream is to go to France and train with the best, and of course, to win..Win big for this country of ours.

I’m betting he will. After all, he is VICTORIOUS


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G. H. Rabbath

G. H. Rabbath is a performative writer, and photographer. He taught Cognitive Science and Art Theory in a Beirut University, and his Ph.D. Thesis was referenced in philosopher Jean Clam's Orexis. G.H. Rabbath engaged in several meta-artistic interventions in the art world since 2009 and the publication of 'Can One Man Save the (Art) World'. He curated in 2010 M. Obaidi’s latest show in Art Dubai along side publishing 'Mr Obaidi and the Fair Skies® Corporation' that addressed the neuroscience of racial bias in relation to conceptual art. In 2011 he obtained the officials nominations of curator and commissioner of the Lebanese Pavilion for the 54th Venice Biennial, and created 'institutional void' in the Arsenale as part of a neo-Situationist project. Other interventions took place in L.A, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Sharjah. In 2013 he obtained directorship of art project spaces in Beirut where he launched The Better World Project. In 2014 he launched 'Signing with Light' a photography project for the benefit of that will take place in the U.S. and Europe. His work can be seen on

3 thoughts on “Muntasser”

  1. Well that’s my boy 🙂

    Montasser’s – Beast Mode – is on the go as always , and he’s ready for the new Season … He’s ready to break other records like he always did !!

    Way to go Champ 💝

    Liked by 1 person

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