by G.H. Rabbath

I aim to write about people who appear normal, and yet achieve greatness. The people I write about are fighters who run, Peace Warriors, Life Heroes, who all live in a city that manages to keep the peace when the whole world around them goes up in flames.

Every moment in life and the decisions we make, every step we take, every pace we stride, just like when we run, is a magical moment, an affirmation of a better version of ourself whom we are becoming.

I shall try to convey that in my writing and give it the rythm of the long distance runner. And when all these runners are finally connected with that one narrative, then I believe the world will be better for it.

This is an art project about some of the people running the Beirut Marathon. There are so many marathons taking place all over the World, but this one stands apart, and the people running for it stand a apart in turn. This is the story of some or those people.

G.H. Rabbath, Beirut, 2015


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